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Sylvia Arredondo

Sylvia Arredondo

Taking over for you is my job. Relaying all I can, and doing all I can on your behalf for any part of a transaction, from leasing to purchasing, is my top priority. Even if you have a business, a family, or are living abroad, and need to count on someone to get the job done for you, you can count on me that I will make it easy on you. So that you can do what matters most to you — making money, seeing the world, or enjoying your time with friends or loved ones!

Know that worrying in real estate isn't part of your adventure. Whether I represent you on a transaction of a lease less than $800 or a multi-million dollar one, you're my client; and you can expect me to be attentive to all your needs regardless beginning to end.

Communication is key and valuing one another's time is essential in respecting everyone involved. I will achieve much of everything on your behalf in saving money, time, and frustrations, providing resources of any kind. My expertise and efficiency comes from the 10 plus years of doing real estate from California to Texas, and having a family of my own. God, Family, Business! Be blessed!